Have you ever suffered from PERIODS/ MENSTRUAL PAIN? 


  • Menstrual pain Affects 40-90% of women which is such a huge number.
  • It affects 4 women out of 10 in their Academic Performance.
  • 2 out of 10 girls remain absent due to Painful Cramps during Menstruation.
  • 37% of girls miss social/sports activities.

Above numbers are very heart breaking.

  • Pain and stress early in life can be a harbinger of reduced quality of life and predispose to severe or chronic pain later in life.
  • Previous pain predicts future pain which means that anyone who had painful periods in their early years of periods or have always had painful periods has a chance that they can develop chronic pelvic persistent pain.

Do you think it is NORMAL to have been suffered from Menstrual pain? The answer is NO.

Young girls in early period phase should be treated. IT IS NOT OKAY TO POP A PILL FOR PERIOD PAIN.

We take pride in the extensive knowledge we have about treating many conditions, and we continue to increase our knowledge through education and practice. We strive to give you the most effective treatment for your condition. There are so many pain relief options available at the clinic that are readily available to help get you back to a more functional lifestyle.

At HELIOS we can help in prevention and management of pelvic pain resulting at all ages and at all levels of ability. We can help to improve all levels of ability to enhance your performance. Please call at 548 – 489- 1009 or visit to book your appointment online. PERIODS PAIN is NOT Normal.